• Lingzhi+ Spore Oil Softgel (Premium Selection)

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      Lingzhi+ Spore Oil Softgel 500mg 灵芝孢子油软胶囊 500mg

      富含生物活性物质 三萜化合物 三萜化合物 三萜化合物 三萜化合物/灵芝酸 灵芝酸 灵芝酸 灵芝酸 In traditional Chinese medicine, Lingzhi is widely used for a variety of diseases and as an effective adjuvant in the treatment of cancer.
      在传统中医中,灵芝被广泛用于治疗多种疾病,并有效用于癌症的辅助治疗 癌症的辅助治疗 癌症的辅助治疗 癌症的辅助治疗。

      Spores are the reproductive cells of Lingzhi and it containsmany important bio-actives. Triterpenoids are the main active compounds of Lingzhi spores with significant anti-cancer, antioxidation, anti-allergy and liver protection activities.
      有的主要的活性成分,在抗癌 抗抗癌癌 抗癌、抗氧化 抗氧化 抗氧化 抗氧化、抗过敏及 抗过敏及 抗过敏及 抗过敏及保 保保 保护肝 护护肝肝 护肝脏 脏脏 脏方面起重要作用。

      Lingzhi spores have two layers of cell walls. The bio-actives enclosed inside these cell walls cannot be efficiently released and absorbed by the body unless the cell walls are broken. Therefore we use Advanced Technology to EXTRACT the bio-actives from the spores to produce a product that can truly deliver the full benefits of Lingzhi spores.
      释放并被人体吸收。因此我们使用先进的技术将生物活性物质从孢子粉中提取出来,用于生 产一种能真正有效发挥灵芝孢子粉效用的产品。

      Advanced Technology: The bio-actives are extracted using the advanced and efficient Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) technology.
      先进的技术 先进的技术 先进的技术 先进的技术:有效生物活性成份的提取,采用的是先进有效的超临界萃取技术(SFE)。

      High Quality: SFE technology uses natural, non-toxic, environment-friendly material and low temperature to extract the bio-actives without causing decomposition of the bio-actives and without leaving toxic residues in the extract.
      高品质 高品质 高品质 高品质:SFE技术采用的是天然、无毒、环保的材料在低温下进行生物活性物质的萃取,不 会造成生物活性成分的破坏,也不会在萃取物中残留毒性物质。

      Potency: SFE fast and efficient technology prevents the degradation of the bio-actives during extraction together with its optimum extraction yield produces a product which is PURE and FUNCTIONALLY ACTIVE. 效能:SFE快速有效的技术能够防止提取过程中有效成分的分解,其最大化的提取率使得该 产品纯度高并功能有效。

      Rich in the bio-actives TRITERPENOIDS/GANODERIC ACIDS

      Tradition and Science: ANCIENT CURE MODERN SCIENCE.Traditionally revered herb medicine and extensively researched for cancer management 传统典与现代科学:古典疗法与现代科学相结合。 传统有效的中草药,以及对癌症治疗 的广泛研究。

      Adjuvant to cancer therapy: Taken together with our proprietary Lingzhi-GTJ* (which contains 74 bio-actives), the combination provides the full range of bio-actives required for strengthening the body’s immune system, empowering the body’s resistance to diseases and to improve the curing efficacy and decrease toxicity in the treatment of cancers. 癌症辅助治疗:和我们具有专利权的灵芝-GTJ(含有74种活性物质)产品一起服用,对加强人体免疫系统功能、增强人体的抗病能力、提高治愈率及降低癌症治疗的毒性方面,此产品 组合能提供其所需的种类齐全的活性物质。

      Lingzhi-GTJ*: A rare and new species named Ganoderma tsugae var jannieae from Chang Bai Shan, rich in 74 biologically active compounds and with 2 patents
      灵芝 灵灵芝芝 灵芝-GTJ*:一种来自于长白山的稀有 一种来自于长白山的稀有 一种来自于长白山的稀有 一种来自于长白山的稀有、新型的灵芝品种 新型的灵芝品种 新型的灵芝品种 新型的灵芝品种,被命名为 被命名为 被命名为 被命名为Ganoderma tsugae var jannieae,富含 富富含含 富含74种活性物质 种活性物质 种活性物质 种活性物质、并具有两项专利 并具有两项专利 并具有两项专利 并具有两项专利。

      Dosage: 1 Lingzhi Spore Oil softgel daily.
      剂 剂剂 剂: 一天一粒灵芝孢子油软胶囊

      Health tips: Drink 6 to 8 glassses of water to flush out the toxins from the system.
      健康小贴士 健康小贴士 健康小贴士 健康小贴士:喝6-8杯水,以利于将毒素排出体外。